Police Raid Animal-Filled Home in Old Town 

A home in Old Town was housing at least twenty animals. A neighbor told TV5 the tenants and their six children haven’t been home for three days. Old Town Police Officer, Debbie Holmes said the situation in the home was terrible, “horrendous… as you can see we’re all in suits there’s cat feces everywhere, there’s trash everywhere, very little water, some of the animals were quite sick.”After complaints from the landlord and neighbors, Police gave the tenants 24 hours notice before executing a search warrant FridayWhat they found inside the home was appalling. “I walked downstairs: there was a pile of probably that big of feces, mushy feces on the basement floor. I just tried to get the cats out of that and bring them upstairs, I walked three steps into the kitchen to try and find something to keep the door closed and literally I started dry heaving and threw up in my mouth. I had to leave, it was the ammonia, it was so bad in there you couldn’t even breathe, all the windows were closed,” said Jessica Brain-Cole, the landlord of the property.Every inch of the house was caked with grim and some rooms with animal feces. The smell inside was nearly unbearable. In one bedroom, police found two ducks, one was still alive. Police also removed chickens, cats, ferrets, several kittens, a large snake, a turtle, rabbits, and an iguana. The home was not fit for humans or animals“The smell of urine in the house especially when it gets hot, I mean there was just no break for any living creature in that house to get away from filth,” said Officer Holmes. The landlord told TV5 the family has lived there for three years and was planning on moving out in the next few months. “You know there were flies everywhere, it’s really disturbing. You know I’ve been in houses where there’s been a lot of cats in horrid conditions and so forth which is bad enough, but when you subject your kids to it …so we will be following up with them,” Holmes said.Police say the tenants could face charges of animal cruelty and abandonment. The Department of Health and Human Service will decide if they face any charges in regards to the children. According to the landlord, the couple living there had six children.