EMMC Looking For Volunteers To Help During Modernization Project 

The modernization project at Eastern Maine Medical Center means big changes around the hospital.With all the changes, they’re looking for people in the community that may be interested in helping patients as the new developments unfold.”We really need people to help greet people as they’re coming in and help them find where they’re going. We want to make it as easy as possible, so, we’re asking the community to come forward and those people who would be interested in volunteering,” says Martha Wildman, Director of Volunteer Services at EMMC.Wildman says having them is essential.”They help the place feel a little more friendly , like home, patients come in here and they’re dealing with doctors and nurses who need to get test results, and all of that sort of thing. Volunteers are just here to make you feel comfortable as possible, and we really value them, they’re an integral part of our healthcare system here,” says Wildman.Joanne Avila has been volunteering for over a year. She says it’s gratifying spending time here since retiring from teaching.”I really enjoy it. I like being with people. It’s really interesting. You meet a lot of people and its a good way to help. People really appreciate it, which is nice,” says Avila.It’s Emma Hennessy’s second summer donating her time at the hospital.”It’s very satisfying. Everyone’s really nice. They help you out. If you ask questions, they’re cool with it, and, just, you get to help people directly. I think that makes an impact,” says Hennessy.For more information about volunteering, call 973-7850, or email Melissa Hayward at [email protected]