Bangor Sandwich Shop Gets Rights “Coffee Pot” Name 

Some consider it Bangor’s most famous sandwich and it may be the most imitated in town.Three years ago, after the original Coffee Pot store shut its doors on State Street, some of the longtime workers opened a new shop.Many around town made their own version of the Coffee Pot sandwich, but the original owners, Skip Rist and his sister, Mary Lou Rist still owned the trademark.That was until May, when they decided to let the new Coffee Pot CafĂ© buy the rights.”Everything I learned, you know, that I’m doing here, I learned from Skip, watching him, and working with him. You know, I wouldn’t have had that courage to have this open and running with the owners if I hadn’t learned those things,” says Cheryl Whittaker, manager of the Coffee Pot.The sandwich shop is no longer the Coffee Pot Cafe, but now is officially the Coffee Pot.