Bangor Bakery Whipping Up Sweet Seasonal Treat 

About this time each year, something sweet happens at a Bangor bakery. ” It’s a mad house around here once they find out they’re around,” explained Bernadette Gaspar, owner and manager at Frank’s Bake Shop. Gaspar is talking about one of her claims to fame – the raspberry tart. ” People are waiting for you to tell them that they’re here,” said Gaspar. It’s simple, really. A cookie shell, cream cheese base, raspberry filling, and cream on top. Gaspar also makes strawberry and blueberry tarts, but the raspberry is the most popular. ” It’s the raspberry that everybody is very interested in,” said Gaspar. The raspberries are all locally grown and everything is made in the Frank’s kitchen. Gaspar is hoping for a better season this year than last. Normally she makes about 6,000 raspberry tarts each year, but last year a poor crop meant a couple thousand less treats. ” I don’t think we even made 5 (thousand). I think it was like 46 (hundred) because we couldn’t get the raspberries,” said Gaspar. So far, things are on track for a berry successful tart season. The tarts are on sale now and could be around for as long as six weeks. If you have a long trip to make to get to the bakery, Gaspar suggests calling ahead to make sure they have tarts for you.