Senior Spotlight: The File, File of Life, and The Paper Safe 

Carol Higgins Taylor, from Eastern Area Agency on Aging, was in for this weeks Senior Spotlight telling us about different files that can be a big help for the elderly and their families.The File is for people to keep their important information, and so it’s all in one place for loved ones in an event that information is needed and the person can not speak for themselves or have passed away.The paper safe is a newer file system. It’s for military documents as well as the information that The File keeps. The File of Life is a piece of paper kept in a red pouch on your refrigerator, so in the case of an emergency all your contact and medical information can be available for a family member or EMS to grab and take with them to the hospital.For more information on these files or to get one for yourself or a loved one you can contact Eastern Area Agency on Aging at 941-2865 or 1-800-432-7812.