Gay Rights Opponents Commend LePage’s Vaseline Remark; Equate Homosexuals To Pedophiles 

About twenty people gathered in the Hall of Flags for what was supposed to be a defense of Governor LePage. But by the time it was over, even the governor was distancing himself from the speakers.It was billed as a defense of the governor’s controversial Vaseline comment he made last month, comparing the political maneuvering of state senator Troy Jackson to sodomy, but it quickly turned into an all-out assault on homosexuality by Michael Heath, formerly of the Christian Civic League, and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition.Although both men claimed to know what a metaphor is, they seemed to take LePage’s infamous Vaseline comment literally. “It’s addressing the issue of sexual orientation, directly related to the comment the governor made, and nobody is defending the governor. We are defending the governor.”Governor LePage, who was traveling out of state at the time of the press conference, wanted no part of their defense, releasing a statement saying: “This group has no affiliation with the Office of the Governor or the Governor, nor do they speak for the Office of the Governor.”After equating homosexuality to pedophilia, Heath and Madore were asked whether they were concerned about being labeled as bigots.”The reality is, don’t you think we stopped to think about that? Do you think that would trouble us that people would be that shallow, that people would accuse us of being bigots?” Madore snapped. “The bulk of homosexuals practice pedophilia. There’s a higher percentage of homosexuals that practice pedophilia.”The two men went on to attack the Maine Legislature, particularly Democrats, and rip members of the Catholic Church they accuse of “supporting a gay agenda.” After the press conference, Democrat Troy Jackson, the man LePage made the original comment about, and himself a practicing Catholic, called the two men’s presentation offensive.”I do take religion very seriously and I don’t think that’s any type of religion that I’ve ever been taught,” Jackson said. “You’re supposed to do everything you can for your fellow man and that sounded like people who really wanted to be very against people’s lifestyles.”