Bangor City Council and LePage Advisor talk Charter Schools 

Bangor Community Leaders are sending a message to the governor – they want to talk about Charter schools.City Council Members met with LePage’s Senior Policy Advisor, Jonathan Nass, this afternoon looking to reform the charter school law.LePage’s office said education is a top priority for the governor.Councilman Joe Baldacci said the local community should have an input on where a charter school goes and if the area needs it.This comes after several council members said they found out about a proposed charter school from a Portland newspaper, instead of the government.Baldacci said “The local community are directly penalize for having a charter school in their community so we need to find another way to fund these so they’re not directly competing with a local public school.”Nass said “I will tell you that commissioner Bowen and myself will be coming from the perspective of putting the student first and that’s going to be the starting point for any decision we make.”Both sides believe having a meeting is a step in the right direction when it comes to the schools and they hope to continue the conversation.