Health Insurance Marketplace Forum Held In Brewer 

This fall, the healthcare landscape in Maine will change.As of October 1st, Mainers will be able to enroll for health insurance with several options.”There are many, many consumers throughout the state of Maine that don’t have access to health insurance right now. The health insurance marketplace is where they’re going to need to go,” said Raymond Hurd, Regional administrator for Centers for Medicade and Medicare Services.Grants were awarded to federally qualified health centers to help with outreach and enrollment.Many healthcare centers in Maine are getting a slice of that money.Representatives from many agencies met to discuss what these changes mean.”These grants are really a prime opportunity for us to mobilize throughout the state, in both rural and urban communities, to get out the facts, and to share information that I think will allow people in Maine to make informed choices about their healthcare moving forward,” said Vanessa Santarelli, CEO of the Maine Primary Care Association.For those concerned about what’s going to be coming out of their pockets, administrators say more information is expected to be released in upcoming months.”The premiums will be announced sometime before October, is all I can say, when we put the qualified health plan information out, but in order to help people to better afford the insurance, they will be able to qualify for advanced premium tax credits, or cost sharing reductions, through the health insurance market place,” said Hurd.They say healthcare centers throughout Maine are hiring outreach and enrollment specialists.”I’m hoping to cater to their needs, whatever they might be, I’m hoping to do just that, and keep a smile on their face. When you’re healthy, you’re smiling, and when you’re not healthy, you’re not working, and you’re not really producing,” said Dianna Martin, Resource Specialist at Penobscot Community Health Care.”The hope is and the goal is that the unease, if there is any out there will be elucidated through these resources,” said Santarelli.For more information log on to