Beat The Heat Safely This Summer 

It’s officially a heat wave with three straight days of 90 degree weather.It looks like it’s going to stay hot for the rest of the week.So how can you and your family stay cool and safe this summer?”Just be aware that heat is a tricky environmental condition because we just tend to look at the thermometer and think of nothing else,” said Robert Cravens, a nurse practitioner at EMMC Walk-In Clinic. This Eastern Maine Medical Center nurse practitioner wants you to stay cool, so remember humidity is a major factor.”These last few days it’s been really hot and humid and people are more likely to have problems,” said Cravens. He says look out for those most at risk for heat exhaustion, like young kids who can get distracted having fun. “Of course the elderly have a lot of difficulty, so it pays to have family members aware of any elderly people out in the community and to check on them frequently during the hot weather,” he said. Whether young or old, always keep an eye out for others. “It’s much more important for people around you to recognize what are the signals you need help. If you’re sweating profusely and suddenly you stop sweating, you are going from heat exhaustion to heat stroke and then your systems are shutting down and you better get to the emergency room right away,” said Cravens. He says wear a baseball hat, drink plenty of fluids, better yet a sports drink, because it contains salts that you lose when you sweat, and best yet, if you can… “Get out of the heat. That might be something as simple as going into a dugout or going under a tree. Going into the shade can make a major difference. In Maine there’s plenty of trees find a tree. Find a body of water, go into the bathroom take a cold shower and drink drink drink,” said Cravens. Manna Ministries in Bangor is doing what they can to keep people hydrated, but they need some help.”Come right on down to Manna were on 629 Main Street were here from 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock at night (7 days a week). If you need a bottle of water come down here and get it, but we don’t have a lot left. We have enough water for maybe a week and the weather’s not going to let off, so people please bring water down to Manna. We need it, so we can give it to your neighbors and help them,” said Executive Director Bill Rae.