Bangor Teen Honored with International Award 

Katarina Pinet is one of three young women in Maine to be honored with a prestigious international award. “My name was called and I was super excited and I had no idea what was going on but I was happy to receive it,” Pinet remembered.The Duke of Edinburgh’s award is reserved for young people who are reaching high. “The Duke of Edinburgh’s award allows you to set a goal and reach it and I feel that it’s very important for children in today’s society to learn the mechanics of setting goals and reaching them,” Pinet said.Katarina had to fulfill several categories in six months to be eligible for her bronze medal, including a kayak trip to an island off the coast of Maine. “Sometimes she was set back, sometimes you know she was a little stressed out about it, but all in all it was a good experience for her and for me as a parent to sit and see her achieve it, it was pretty good,” Katarina‚Äôs mom, Heather Pinet said.Katarina is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s competed in the Miss Maine competition, and helping others is one of her passions. She’s spent more than 600 hours volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Bangor.”She’s got a very gentle presence with the families, so there’s something very warm and accepting about her and I think it makes people be very comfortable to be around her,” said Darlene Macleod, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House.Katarina wants to continue helping others, with unique career aspirations as a funeral director. “A lot of my relatives are older so growing up I attended their funerals and witnessing the funeral director stepping in and guiding my family and supporting my family throughout the process, I just wanted to do the same for other families,” she said.Katarina will take the stage again in the Miss Teen Maine USA competition this November.