The Maine Jump In Bangor Investing In Upgrading Facility 

Since The Maine Jump opened, thousands of little legs with one thing in common have been going there all because they love to bounce.”It’s lots of fun and there’s lots of things to do,” said Sara from Winterport.”They come from all over New England. Over the last two years, we’ve had 500,000 people grace our doors,” said Ryan Hatch, President of The Maine Jump.Hatch was born and raised in Brewer.A few years back, he relocated his family from Florida to open this bouncy business.It’s a place many parents feel is ideal for kids to take advantage of during cold winters and steamy summers.”It’s, just, there’s so much to do. They really get a lot of exercise. They can, kind of, socialize with other people,” said Jennifer Potter of Bangor.Later this month, Hatch is planning a grand reopening where he’ll unveil new jumping adventures. Hatch is putting over a $180,000 in changes in the facility.Some of the security upgrades have parents jumping for joy.”There’s thousands of kids that come through our facility and we live in an age where things happen. Whether somebody gets hurt, or somebody gets abused, or whatever it is, we want to make sure this is the safest facility, not only for the law enforcement officials, that if they need to investigate something, but for the families to get answers if something were to happen,” said Hatch.The entire facility is equipped with facial-recognition cameras.There’s also a new bracelet system going into place. Each one is numerically unique to each child that hops through the door.”It makes me feel more comfortable as a parent, because your number one job is protecting your kids,” said Mike Robinson of Bangor.”We want to take our concept throughout the state of Maine, so that families can enjoy us,” said Hatch.The grand reopening is scheduled for July 23rd.