Memorial Unveiled For Bangor’s Chinese Sister City Along Waterfront 

For the last three years the city of Bangor has been fostering a sister city relationship with a city in China.Monday morning a memorial to the relationship between Bangor and the Nangang district of Harbin was unveiled along the waterfront.The presence of people in Bangor with Chinese heritage continues to grow.And one of the speakers at the ceremony talked about how his father faced bullying and discrimination, and so did he in his childhood, and his children have too.But events like this is are creating more common ground, according to Brewer’s Steve Wong.”Education between the two cultures, the only times that your normally see the discrimination they don’t understand the other person well with China and a place in the United States they’re closing that gap.”This interaction between the cities is more than just symbolic.20 students from Bangor went to Harbin last year, and Tuesday morning another group of students will leave to spend time there again.Bangor is the first city in the country to have a sister city in China.