Maine Gas Prices See Sharp Increase 

Gas prices around the nation jumped by an average of 12 cents a gallon during the past week.In Maine, prices went up by 16 cents, with the average cost of a gallon now $3.69, which 7 cents above the national average.And the cost for a gallon of gas is now 17 cents higher than it was a year ago on this date, and 13 cents more than just last month.”Yeah it has risen significantly across the country because of crude oil prices that have risen dramatically in the last few weeks on fears of the uprising in Egypt as well as crude oil inventories,” said Patrick DeHaan, the Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website Gas Buddy But if you watch the price of crude oil, DeHaan thinks there may be a break on the horizon.”It does seem that in the last few days crude oil prices have held steady, near, just under their peak price so that may show signs that the rally is stalling.””So should people go to the gas pumps now and fill up? Should they wait? What’s going to happen next in the future of gas prices.””The future is somewhat iffy with where gas prices are going,” said DeHaan. “I believe that retail prices will go up for another week or so, but it’s difficult to tell Americans you know, how to spend their money at the pump or what day to buy.”And even with the recent jump in prices at the pump there are still a number of vehicles pulling in to fill up.”Unfortunately Americans beside complaining about it there really has been limited reactions by Americans to high prices, demand for gasoline is still very high,” said DeHaan. “And as demand remains very high gas prices will likely remain at their current levels.”