Food Pantries Around the State Got a Little More Dough Monday 

Food pantries around the state got a little more dough Monday.Maine’s Credit Unions handed out the bread in Brewer.A loaf of bread, along with $500, went out to pantries in every county.It’s part of the annual ‘Share the Bread’ program.Credit Unions raise money all year long for hunger awareness.The Good Shepherd Food Bank plays a pivotal role.”More and more food is actually purchased, and through our buying power and the volume that we have the need for, we get it at, or below, wholesale pricing, so agencies are able to come here and shop at greatly reduced prices,” said Melissa Huston, Director of Philanthropy, Good Shepherd Food Bank. “A lot of children don’t know where their next meal is going to come from throughout the year, but in the summer it’s especially difficult because they’re not in school. So, this is a way for the food pantries, on the ground, to make a difference right away,” said Jon Paradise, Governmental Public Affairs Manager, Maine Credit Unions League.The ending hunger campaign gave out a total of $17,000 Monday.