Brush Fire Burns Shed in Hudson 

A brush fire burned a shed to the ground in Hudson Monday. Flames from a legal, permitted burn spread to a wooded area just after 5 pm. When fire crews arrived, flames had already torched a half-acre.It didn’t take them long to get the flames out though.They were only on scene for about 90 minutes.Responders say, this time of year, homeowners should keep the weather conditions in mind before starting a fire.”What is happening right now is that we are in such a dry spell that everything on the floor is pre-heated so it is 90 degrees out so everything is pre-heated to 90 degrees or better, so it doesn’t take any time for fire to spread right now,” said Mike Simmons of the Hudson Fire Department. Initially, responders thought the flames could spread up to three acres.Mutual aid was called in from Glenburn, Charleston, Corinth, and Bradford.Nobody was hurt.