Community Celebrates Reopening of Colby College Museum of Art 

Last week our Caitlin Burchill got a behind the scenes look at Colby College Museum of Art’s new exhibition space. The addition makes it the largest in the state.On Sunday, she got to witness the community’s reaction as it opened to the public:Hundreds of community members make their way to Colby College for “Community Day” to celebrate the public opening of the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion.People are lining up in droves for tours and spending the day appreciating art, just as Peter and Paula Lunder had hoped when they donated more than 500 pieces of art to the museum.The collection is worth more than 100 million dollars and was collected by the Lunders over the last thirty years.The new Pavillion exhibits this art. “It’s wonderful to see throngs of people, all ages all in the museum each of them seeking out their favorite piece and enjoying art with their own personal perspective,” said Paula Lunder, life trustee at Colby. These kids from Oakland are getting a taste of art at a young age.”He’s been asking us for weeks ‘Are we going to go look at the pictures?’ So I said today’s the day,” said Sam Bromberg. His son Harry thought “the pictures” were “cool.” “It’s like little league baseball. Train them young,” said Peter Lunder, a Colby alumnus. “That’s exactly right. Expose them to art, and they’ll have it perhaps as part of their life forever. It’s what we want,” agreed his wife, Paula. At a crafts workshop, little ones are having fun finding their inner artist. “It’s great because kids, their attention span, might not be as long and it’s really great for him to be able to do something artistic at something like this,” said Michelle Disotto from Scarborough. She thought the museum was beautiful. The Lunders also hoped the museum would inspire the big kids, the Colby students.”We just did the tour all the way through and there’s a lot of amazing pieces. I will come back all the time,” said Jack Bjorn, a soon-to-be sophomore from Hampden, ME, who admitted he wasn’t much of an art person before today. “I’m so excited for the study spaces. I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to study next year and I’m already eyeing them up,” said soon-to-be senior, Kelsey Cromie from New Jersey. Having raised their family in Waterville, now they are giving back.”The purpose is for the Maine community to join us at the museum whenever they wish and perhaps, for a few people to be inspired by it. Young and old,” said Paula Lunder. Admission to the museum is free.It’s open to the public on Tuesday through Saturdays from 10am-5pm, and on Sundays from noon to 5pm.