Students Learn A New Language In Bangor This Summer 

Lanterns light up classrooms at Husson University as students young and old learn Chinese.”Not a lot of schools, maybe twenty at most, high schools with Chinese program right now, so a lot of kids do not have opportunities to learn Chinese in their student life, so this program provides a unique opportunity,” said Jing Zhang, Director of the Bangor Star Talk Program and President of Bangor Chinese School. Bangor Chinese School’s Star Talk Program is the only one like it in the state.The program is federally funded and supported by Maine’s Department of Education, the City of Bangor, and surrounding school districts.”And the kids love it, and the Chinese language right now is so important for the kids and a person for Maine because Maine works with China in more things going on, more business more education exchange,” said Zhang. The teachers make the learning fun.”We think its very interesting. My mom said if I learn it then I could grow up and go to China and I could see a lot of cool things and I wouldn’t have someone to say the stuff for me. I could just say it,” said Genevieve, a soon-to-be third grader. “I’ve been doing this program for five or six years. I’ve gone on a few trips to China, but I’m going on a trip with the Chinese Exchange school in a couple weeks,” said soon-to-be sophomore at John Bapst, Abigail Jones. “I’m going to China as well I was here last year for the camp this is my second year. I’ve been studying Chinese for about five or four years and the camps really a great way to get more practice and meet the kids who are going to China with us,” said Vanessa Willoughby, who will soon be a senior at Kent Hill School. The program is even helping this Dexter Regional High School teacher who has Chinese exchange students in her classes.”When I’m teaching them English, this will help so if I can say one word in Chinese that will help them learn the English that will help. And in the long run, it benefits our students so they can get this cross cultural experience that they’ve never had before,” said Lisa Cronin. This teen traveled from New York to take the program.”I’ve learned a lot here and my parents will be happy that I learned a lot,” Seth Rutter. “I just started in January actually and now I’m here. I feel like I’m really flourishing in this environment because that’s the purpose. This is a place for people who want to be here and want to learn,” said Matt Norris, who will soon be a junior at John Bapst.