Orrington Begins Its 225th Birthday Celebrations 

Saturday was the start of Orrington’s 225th birthday celebrations, called “Old Home Week.” It’s mission, a celebration of Orrington’s past, present, and future.”It all started some time ago when the town petitioned for a charter and the petition was postponed by a small event, the revolutionary war, and then became a charter in 1778 now were celebrating 225 years of Orrington as a town,” said Dick Campbell, Co-Chair of “Old Home Week.”The festivities kicked off with a parade.”We wondered if 7 months of planning would show any interest and we wondered if anyone would come by and enjoy it but it looks like its a good kickoff and were pretty excited,” said Campbell. “It means a lot. It really does. It means a lot because its my hometown,” said Alfreda Webster. Webster grew up in Orrington with her 9 siblings, seven were born in the town. She left for a little bit, but had to come back to a place she loves.”It’s great to be able to be my age and to be able to sit out in this heat. It’s great,” she said. Generations of families with similar connections to the town line the streets. “Our grandmother was in the parade walking around when we were her age, so this is a tradition for us so we do it every year,” said Sarah Ashton. Ashton is happy to raise her children in the town she grew up in.”I like it because its more family oriented here. It’s more chill, more relaxed,” she said. The parade ended at the Center Drive School, the school she went to, and her daughter will now attend. There were a number of activities to continue the birthday bash. “We’re hoping we can create as much interest in the town in the future as there has been in the past,” said Campbell. To see a list of other Orrington birthday events, visit their website Orrington Town Website. They hope people who don’t live in Orrington will also join in on the celebrations.