Court Releases Norris Affidavit 

This morning, a judge ruled court documents could be released in the case of Leanna Norris.Norris is charged with murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter. Court documents state Norris told police she gave Loh sleeping medication and then smothered her. Norris reportedly told police she gave Loh two or three syringes of benadryl to make her go to sleep, put a duct tape mask on her mouth and nose, put a blanket over the child’s face so she wouldn’t have to look in her eyes, and put her hand over her face, suffocating her. Court documents state Norris drove to a cemetery, took pills and put tape on her face to try and kill herself. Norris ended up calling her father and driving to his house in Stetson. Norris’s father called 911. When police got to the house, they found Loh Grenda dead in the front seat of Leanna Norris’ car. Norris is in jail without bail.