Pirates Prepare to Perform in Hampden 

The Pirates of Penzance are coming to Hampden Academy.The Hampden Area Players Youth Theater Group presents their first performance inside the new performing arts center.Wednesday was dress rehearsal for the actors.The group was started this year with intent to take advantage of the new 900 seat space at Hampden Academy. A parent and local high school teacher lead the troupe.The Gilbert and Sullivan comedic opera casts 16 students, between ages 10 and 18.The performers say they love learning from each other and sharing the stage. “Well in the show I am paired up with a pirate that my character ends up getting married with in the end and he’s going into 3rd grade so that’s kind of the humor to it and it’s really, lots of comedy, and it’s really funny,” said Ruby Ramsay, her final play before high school. The performances begin Friday night at 7 pm.Tickets are $5.On Saturday, there’s a 2 pm show, and another at 7 pm.