Bike Experts Give Tips on Cycling Safety 

Summertime means more traffic on Maine roadways, and it’s not just tourist, it could be cyclist. Rose Bike Shop in owner gave TV 5 some tips on cycling safety. Bike Mechanic Matt Cody says the number one safety tip, besides wearing a helmet, is to make sure it fits properly.He says many local bike shops can do quick safety tests on your ride.They can make sure it’s the right size, all the brakes are in working order, and that you’re comfortable. Cody says once you hit the street, know the rules of the road. “You’re supposed to behave like a vehicle cause you are a vehicle. So you stop at all the stop signs. Obey all the traffic laws stop at the stop lights. All that stuff.”Cody said the best place to ride are wide roads with large breakdown lanes.He suggests route 2 in Orono and route 116 north of Old Town.