Woman Who Found Rape Victim Speaks Out 

”She said thank you Rebecca you’re my angel you’re my angel, please don’t leave me they told me they’ll come back and kill me of I told anybody they’re going to come back,” Rebecca Shute said.Rebecca was driving on Whitten Road in Cannan around 2:30pm Sunday afternoon when she found a woman calling for help, “I heard a scream and I thought it was a kid just playing around at first and then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and I just had a gut feeling that I needed to turn around and make sure it wasn’t anybody on the side of the road…She said that one person held a knife to her throat while the other raped her.” Police say the 50-year-old woman was pulled off her bicycle and then assaulted by two men. “And she just kept screaming, ‘they raped me, they raped me’ and I was like I’ll be right back, I’ll be right back, to hold your hand and the police will be on their way,” Shute said.Police have important advice for anyone who might find themselves in a situation like this one,“Just to be there to console, just make sure they know that your there for them, and you’ve called for help and that things are going to be alright,” Deputy Chief of the Skowhegan Police Dept., Dan Summers said. Rebecca said she is grateful she could be there to help.“I’m lucky that I turned around and was able to find her,” Shute said.State Police are asking anyone who may have seen a vehicle in the area Sunday afternoon to contact them at 624-7076.