Woman Spends 90th Birthday Volunteering 

Mary Hunter came to Maine in 1950. ” My late husband was from South Carolina and I was from Georgia,” said Hunter. A lot has changed throughout her life, but one thing has stayed the same. ” I’ve always enjoyed helping people and that’s part of me,” said Hunter. Hunter says she’s been helping people practically all of her life. She volunteers all sorts of places, including Hospice of Eastern Maine and Stillwater Healthcare.” I started volunteering here Mother’s Day 1996,” said Hunter of Stillwater Healthcare. ” Rain, snow, sleet, she’s on that bus and she’s here. Holiday’s she takes a cab when there is no bus service,” explained Tine Chadbourne, an employee at Stillwater Healthcare. Hunter loves crafts and she helps run Bingo. ” Sometimes they say, you do so many things, you should be on the payroll. I say I enjoy it the way I do it,” said Hunter. The people she helps enjoy it, too. ” Mary’s always been a friend to me and I’m a friend to her,” said Mary McPherson. ” She’s the type of person that involves you in everything she does,” added Noreen Ireland. She doesn’t like to turn the attention to herself, but she is celebrating a pretty special day. ” I was born on July 9th, 1923,” said Hunter. She volunteers at least 100 hours a month at Stillwater Healthcare. She gives so much, that they’ve named her ” Super Volunteer”. ” I don’t know about super, but they qualified me as a super one, so I’ll just accept it,” said Hunter with a smile. At 90 years young, she says she still has a lot more to give. Happy Birthday, Mary!