Unmanned Sailboats from Maine Come Ashore in Nova Scotia 

Two unmanned sailboats from Maine that were expected to head to Europe have come ashore in Nova Scotia. One of them appears to have landed in the same place where the first man to single-handedly sail around the world lived. The boats were released off the Bahamas on June 3rd. One’s from the Dexter Boy Scouts and the other’s from the Bartlett Woods Retirement Center in Rockland. It’s part of a project called Educational Passages, which teaches children about the world’s oceans.Scout and Bob Along were tracked by GPS and reported landing on Saturday.Bob Along appears to have been picked up on Brier Island, the home of the 19th century sailor Joshua Slocum. Organizers say Scout may have crashed into the rocks south of Yarmouth. They’re now asking the Canadian Coast Guard to help retrieve the boats.