Teen Helps Contain Fire In Bucksport 

A teen’s fast thinking helped stifle a fire in Bucksport on Tuesday. Lucas Ashmore was looking after his teacher’s house on Jacob Buck Pond Road while he was away on vacation.Ashmore was working on a ride-on lawn mower in a basement workshop when it burst into flames.Fire crews from Bucksport, Orland, Orrington, and Dedham responded to the scene.”I went to start it and it back fired, so it caught on flames and there was a gas can right next to the lawn mower, so I was scared that the gas can was going to blow up, so I ran out of the house through the basement as quick as I could. I shut the door, ran up to the front door. I grabbed the phone, called 911, closed the windows and the top front door, and I just made sure everything was shut to try and save as much as I could,” said Ashmore. “We were really close to having a full structure fire and I truly believe that young man’s actions saved that house,” said Cpt. Pam Payson with the Bucksport Fire Department. Crews were able to put out the fire in less than three minutes once they arrived on scene.Fire officials say the house is pretty heavily damaged with both smoke and electrical damage, but it could have been a lot worse.