UPDATE: BPA Bill Vetoed By Governor LePage 

Governor LePage has vetoed a bill which would provide information about food packaging that contains the toxic chemical BPA.Environmental advocates and parents have been working to get BPA out of children’s food packaging for years.They held a rally at the state house Monday, asking LePage to sign the Healthy Kid’s bill into law.It would have required food companies who do a billion dollars of business a year to report BPA usage to the state.In his veto message, LePage said the bill directs the Department of Environmental Protection to do more work without additional resources, putting an unfunded mandate on the state.The senate will have an opportunity to override the governor’s veto Tuesday. If it passes it will then go to the house for a vote.It needs to pass in both the senate and the house to overrule the governor and become law.The governor vetoed a total of 21 bills Monday, including a buy American bill, a bill designed to help injured workers, a bill to boost the minimum wage, and a bill to create a fair funding mechanism for charter schools.A complete list of vetoed bills can be found on the state website.