Protestors in Hermon Talk about Quebec Train Explosion 

Protestors were in Hermon Monday afternoon talking about the train explosion in Lac-Magantic. Members of environmental group 350 Maine and Maine Earth First held a press conference at the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway headquarters in Hermon. Protestors say they are offering their support to the people of Lac-Magantic. ” Although I don’t know people in Lac-Megantic, it’s the same thing, they are a sister community right across the border. They don’t deserve to have this happen. I mean, a lot of the people who were literally eviscerated were in a night club having a good time. They couldn’t get out, they had no chance, they had no idea what was happening to them,” said Jim Freeman, a member of Maine Earth First. Some of the demonstrators at Monday’s event were arrested nine days before the train derailment for blocking a similar train in Fairfield.