Bangor Man Grew Up In Lac-Megnatic, Quebec 

What type of town is Lac-Megantic, Quebec?It’s a direct trip on the rail line from there to Jackman, Greenville, and Brownville Junction.A Bangor man was born in Lac-Megantic and then moved to Brownville Junction, but went back to Quebec for every summer.”It’s a picture postcard town, it’s really the place where once you’ve been there, you say ‘Wow, this is where I want to retire.’ It’s sort of like Camden, you want to get out of your car, you want to walk the streets, you want to go to the park and hang out by the water.” Steve Vachon was born in Lac-Megantic. His family moved to Maine when he was two, but they went back and spent every summer there. They moved because his father was a railroad conductor and living in Brownville Junction meant he’d be home more.”So much of that town was built on that railroad, but I think a lot of the residents, now that the hey day of the railroad is kind of gone away,” said Vachon. “They wanted to have the train not come through town, because there is so much chemicals and oil tankers that are in those trains. They wanted to have the trains go around the town for years and it seems to never have happened.”His parents moved back after his father retired, and were woken up by the sound. “They said that the town was pretty much cut in two and you couldn’t get through town at all. The whole Main Street pretty much divides the town, so they shut down the Main Street. You weren’t going within a thousand feet of that area.”Because Lac-Megantic is a small, close knit community, the Vachons are staying put.”I told them to come visit, you know, to get out of town, to let the smoke clear, but the town is so tight, the people are just so there for each other, and nobody wants to leave” said Vachon. “They are all there taking care of each other, whatever they can do, so it’s a, and I understand that, I don’t blame them. I probably wouldn’t want to leave either.”