Society Remembers Slain Bangor Resident 

A group dropped flowers into the Kenduskeag Stream in honor of a young man killed nearly 30 years ago.Charlie Howard was 23 on July 7th 1984, when he was killed and pushed into the Kenduskeag in Bangor for his sexuality.Since his death, the Unitarian Universalist Society holds an annual service and ceremony where they drop flowers into the stream and sing songs.Louis Reed says she promised Charlie’s mom he would not be forgotten. “Somebody has to take my place, somebody has to be dedicated and see that this is done every year and it doesn’t matter.. Well it matters of course, but if there’s only one person doing this, it’s important.”Karianne Rogerson said “I didn’t know him but like I just I’m a new member to the church but I heard about what happened, and I just felt so compassionate about it and it’s just a lot of remembrance and remembering why…. why we need to respect and basically let people be who they are.”Howard was 23 years old when he died.