Brewer Farmers Market Now Accepting EBT Cards 

The Brewer Farmer’s Market, the second oldest famer’s market in Maine, started its EBT program today. Customers who use EBT Cards, formerly known as food stamps, can now shop with a 50% discount at the market. Two farmer’s markets in Bangor started the same program last year. Organizers are excited that the program brings more business to local farmers and provides fresh food to more people. “I used an EBT card and got 50% off and that’s pretty cool,” said William Randall, a farmer’s market customer who purchased oxtail. “It’s awesome, it just saves us so much money and we feel healthier and it’s a great thing and we should keep it going,” said Matt Demchak who also shops at the Bangor Farmer’s Market. The Brewer Famer’s Market is open Tuesday through Saturday. The discount is available on Saturdays, while funds last.