Counseling Available after July 4th Tragedy in Bangor 

Counseling services are available for those dealing with the tragic July 4th events in Bangor.Experts say parents should be watching their children in the coming days.”Parents really should be looking at day three and beyond for signs that a child is not returning to back to their normal ways of behaving. Children tend to manifest their feelings through behaviors so if they are playing differently, if they are withdrawn more than usual, or showing an aggression that they don’t usually show those are all signs that a child may be in some difficulty psychologically…and parents really should reach out for further help,” said Rick Redmond with Acadia Hospital.If you or your children need counseling services contact any of the following healthcare providrs or the Mental Health Crisis Hotline to speak with a Mobile Crisis Worker.Acadia Hospital: 973-6100 & 1-800-640-1211Husson Pediatrics: 941-1155Penobscot Pediatrics: 947-0147Center for Family Medicine: 973-7000Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1888-568-1112IF YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN NEED COUNSELING SERVICES, CONTACT ANY OF THESE HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS… THE FULL LIST AND PHONE NUMBERS WILL ALSO BE ON OUR