Bucksport Tomb Doors Stolen 

Polcie are investigating the theft of the Silver Lake Cemetery tomb doors.The doors are made of solid bronze, and police believe they were stolen on the night of July 3rd, but don’t have an official word yet. The ground near the tomb still showed scratch marks from the doors being dragged away. Police estimate the doors weigh hundreds of pounds and are worth about $7,000. Bucksport uses the tombs to store bodies when the ground in the cemetery isn’t reaady for burials. Thomas sweet is the president of the cemetery and says one coffin was in the tomb when the doors were stolen. “This is the only tomb in town that we store bodies in so now with it open like this we’re not going to be able to put any bodies for anybody in Bucksport until this is resolved and we can come up with a way to secure the tomb with some type of door that junkers and people that are stealing everything won’t take,” Sweet said. Bucksport Police are asking anyone who knows or may have seen anyting to call 469-7951. Callers will remain anonymous if they desire.