Pancake Breakfast Starts 4th Of July Festivities 

The tradition of starting the 4th of July off with pancakes and sausage happened again this morning in Brewer.Hundreds of people went to the Brewer Auditorium for the breakfast.The money is for the Kiwanis and the 4th of July Corporation.It is not only a tradition for many to start their holiday, but it is the start of a jam packed day of activities in the Greater Bangor Area.And it doesn’t all come together without a lot of planning.”There’s ten people on the Fourth of July committee and between the ten people there is in the neighborhood of 10,000 hours it takes to put on the days activities just on the planning side.” The President of the 4th of July Corporation Tony Bernatche also said it takes 10 hours along just to apply for all of the permits, and the planning for 2014 will begin Friday.All of the planning also comes after the 4th of July corporation and the Kiwanis club had more than 140 thousand dollars embezzeled by a Bangor man who was sentenced last month to 15 months in prison.