Man Charged After Downtown Bangor Standoff 

For what was supposed to be a day of celebration, this Fourth of July started with the sound of gunshots fired in Bangor.It began Thursday morning with a involved a man holed up in an apartment. Dozens of rounds of ammunition were shot off before it was over.”We received a call about a man that had been firing shots over here on Park Street. More gun shots were fired as officers arrived. We quickly shut the area down, created a perimeter,” said Sergeant Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department.As more police arrived on scene, they started evacuating the apartment building the shooter was in, as well as neighboring buildings.”We were asked to leave the building because of a gentleman in the first apartment who was shooting off a gun. And, as we were coming out, he shot off three more rounds,” said Carol Field, who was staying over in the building.”They told us that somebody in apartment one has a gun and that we all needed to get out fast. So, it was pretty scary cuz we were all trying to rush and it was just, I don’t know, it was pretty scary,” said Courtney Raymond, who lives in the building.Some of the shots fired were out of the window. As more and more people started coming out for the parade, police directed them away from where the shots were being fire.Police say more than seventy shots were fired during a two-hour negotiation and shoot-out ensued on Park Street.Tactical teams were eventually able to get to the suspect.”Tear gas was used to ultimately get him out,” said Edwards.The two hour standoff of concluded with 43-year-old Perrin Oliver of Bangor being apprehended by police.”We’re just happy that it successfully ended where no one was hurt, the suspect is alive, and not hurt, and in custody,” said Edwards.Police say no one was injured or hurt during the standoff.The suspect is at Penobscot County Jail and is charged with criminal threatening and reckless conduct with a firearm.