Burlington Celebrates the 4th with a Bang 

”A town explodes from 300 people to thousands of people in one day,” said Parade organizers Thursday.This Fourth of July, Burlington did just that, for two reasons.One, “Celebrating our freedom,” said Bruce Parker Jr. And two, “Everybody comes home, you come home for the 4th of July,” April Shorey said. Burlington boasts a unique parade… It goes both ways on one street.”If you miss something on the way down, you’ll get it on the way back,” one spectator commented. There’s a parade just for kids, a ‘chuck the chicken’ contest, and a strawberry shortcake that’s been sold since before anyone can remember.But what they do remember is to come back to Burlington for the Fourth of July. I asked spectators how long they’ve been making this day a tradition.”As a kid growing up, I remember coming out with my folks and my grandparents in the seventies,” Parker said. Some other responses? “Probably my whole life.” “Well I’ll turn 17 turn this summer, so 17 years.” “Oh, twenty years.” “About twelve years.” “We have four generations here today.”