Senator Collins Attends Dedication Ceremony At Bangor Hospital 

A dedication ceremony happened at Saint Joseph Hospital in Bangor Monday.Senator Susan Collins was there to help celebrate the unveiling of the new Cyr Station at the hospital.It’s a busy hallway intersection just outside the cafeteria on the second floor.It was blessed and named in honor of Joe and Susan Cyr of Cyr Bus Lines.”They’re just wonderful people who are so dedicated to the people of this area. This is just one example of Joe and Sue’s generosity,” said Collins.”That’s what we try to do is not only help people, but make people happy,” said Susan Cyr.”You know, that’s the main idea, we didn’t need the advertising, and we just wanted people to feel good. It’s tough being in the hospital, most of the time,” said Joe Cyr.Members of the Cyr family joined many community members at Monday’s celebration.