Eddington Woman Stitching Items In Memory Of Loved Ones 

Marie Lander has been stitching away for years.”I sewed with my mom a lot. She was very creative,” said Lander.When her mother, Beatrice, affectionately referred to by the family as “Honey Bee,” died suddenly, the loss was hard on them all.”When she passed, about three years ago, my siblings, and I got together, and went through her clothing, and just kept the things that were real special, that reminded us of her,” said Lander.That reminder was one that Lander wanted them all to have a piece of.”I started looking into the clothing and decided that I would sew and create things that she taught me and give back to my brothers and sisters and to all of the grandkids,” said Lander.Lander took parts of her mother’s wardrobe and repurposed them into mittens, hats, blankets and more.Now, she’s started a new phase in her business, Mer’s Fabrications.It’s called Embracing a Memory.She’s making items for families that have lost loved ones by using their clothing.”I think it’s, you know, just a memory that, it’s kind of what we’re left with when we lose someone. You’ll have something that you can really have, and hang on to,” said Lander.If you would like more information on Marie Lander’s business, Mer’s Fabrications, you can call her at 944-6762, or email her at [email protected]