Belfast Boutique Brightening Its Business With Solar Power 

Your text to link…This Belfast boutique may be called “Coyote Moon,” but it should probably change its name to Coyote Sun. “I’ve covered my whole roof with solar panels and I’m generating 50 percent of my energy usage now,” said Owner Michelle Walker who has been conscious about making her store green since it opened 24 years ago. She’s already installed LED lights, and high energy air conditioners. “Sundog Solar Store,” a family owned company out of Searsport, installed the panels. “Renewable energy and solar energy is very viable in the state of Maine. Annually, there is plenty of sunlight that hits the area. You can produce quite a bit of electricity from what’s available,” explained Danny Piper, vice president of the company. On her computer, Michelle can check out her roof’s solar electric production to see how things are going.The panels may not have been cheap, but she says it was worth it in the long run. “It’s mostly a feel good thing. It’s an investment in my community, in my building, in the solar technology and I want to be a leader in that way. I want to say let’s invest our money in the right places. This is one thing we can do that will benefit a lot of people, a lot of generations,” said Walker. Customers are impressed. “Everyone’s really positive about it. Even people that don’t really shop at the store were inspired which stimulated a lot of interest. It’s a good thing,” said Walker. “It’s very good. I love the store already so now I love it even more,” said customer Carol Williams. Williams may be from Kentucky, but she always makes a pit stop at “Coyote Moon” when she visits Maine. “You know the whole green movement is important to me and that’s part of the reason we like this state,” said Williams. “It just makes sense. This is the way of the future. It’s happening now and it’s just a matter of time before more people are doing it,” said Piper. For more information about “Coyote Moon” visit Coyote MoonFor more information about “Sundog Solar Store” visit Sundog Solar Store