Bangor Preparing To Go Phishing Wednesday 

Phish fans will jam the Bangor Waterfront Wednesday night for the kick off of the band’s Summer tour.Phish followers came to Maine in huge numbers for concerts in 1997, 1998, and 2003.City officials are making sure they’re ready for this show.”We’ve had more meetings concerning Phish just based on prior knowledge, intelligence if you will, from other law enforcement agencies in Maine, across the nation,” said Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department. “Phish group has been documented and there are some issues that could arise.”There are some tickets available, but the show is expected to be a sellout or very close once the gates open at 5pm.”Most departments that we’ve spoken to have said, based on intelligence, whatever you have inside the venue for sold tickets you can get two to three times as many outside the venue,” said Sgt. Edwards.”Will people come outside? Yeah they’re outside of every event we have. Sometimes there are as many people outside as there are in depending on the show,” said Waterfront Concerts President Alex Gray.”16 in, could there be 32 thousand people in the middle of Main Street and around the venue? That’s what they’re saying,” said Sgt. Ewards. “So we’re looking at indicators as to where the next concert is, how much area we have to cover, how much police presence we need, and the issues that you would associate with a Phish fan.”While it may be many of the same fans who were here 10 or 15 years ago and their love for the band may not have changed, promoter Alex Gray thinks their lives have. “The reality of it is, they’ve got debt service, they’ve got families they’ve got a lot of responsibility now that they didn’t have when they were 19, 20, 21, 22 etc. The days of them living in a VW bus with a dog and their buddy or their girlfriend and stinkin’ it up it’s over. They’re consuming hotel rooms. If its was going to be like 97, you’d see a glut of hotel rooms and you’d see people everywhere.”So thousands of Phish heads are headed to the Queen City, and with most hotels booked, they’ll be bouncing around their hotel rooms, and Gray thinks it will be like every other show. “With that influx you take the good with the bad. So I don’t know that it is much to do about nothing. There will be added activity, and I understand the idea of being proactive, but in the grand scheme of things, I think it is going to be an amazing night. Phish fans are great people.”