Conservation Group Kicks off Campaign for Great Pond Mountain 

The Great Pond Mountain Conservation trust needs help getting to the top of the mountain.A few years ago, the conservation group purchased about 4,300 acres across around the mountain.The only problem, they don’t own the top. Members are starting a campaign to purchase and top of the mountain and the surrounding hiking trails. Right now the tip top is currently private property, but the group wants it to be open to the public. Member of the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, David Gross, said “Absolutely for certain there won’t be a wind turbine or a cluster cell phone towers on top of the mountain and also that it will be accessible forever.” Congressman Mike Michaud was also in attendance and said “I think it’s great anytime you can preserve such beauty that we have here in Maine along the coastline. It’s fantastic.”The project cost about $750,000. The group is looking to raise another $200,000 with this campaign to meet their goal. If you’d like to donate, head to