Volunteers Keep Ellsworth Train Operating 

The Downeast Scenic Railroad has been rolling along for several years now.Keeping up with the train takes a team effort.It’s a team made up of 60 volunteers.They keep the vintage equipment, tracks, and rail system maintained.The train has run on the Calais Branch Line since 2010.It travels through the Card Brook wetland area, goes through the yard at Washington Junction, where they work on the train, and down through Ellsworth Falls.Having the chance to bring passengers on a trip like this is something they say people of all ages can enjoy.”The best are the little kids who walk up and can’t believe how big the locomotive is and the whole experience. For the younger kids, it’s an introduction to something that they have never seen, and for the older, it’s a nostalgic thing of remembering when this used to be the mode of transportation,” said Tom Testa, the president of the railroad.”I think historically, it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to step back in the past, a little bit, to ride these rails that haven’t been ridden by passengers since the 1950’s,” said the conductor, David Baldwin.They say they hope the train keeps chugging along for years to come.You can find more information on the downeast scenic railroad online at .