EMMC to Turn Over Laundry Cleaning to Outside Company; 16 Jobs Cut 

Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor is turning over the work of cleaning laundry to an outside company and eliminating more than half of its laundry staff.Hospital officials are trying to find other jobs for the 16 workers who’ll be displaced. Eleven people will stay on in the department.Officials say the laundry system on site is old and needed to be replaced.But that would have cost $6 to $8 millon. So they chose to out source the process of washing the laundry, which is nearly 5 million pounds a year. Joel Farley, Facilities Administrator, says, “Not all of the laundry folks will lose their jobs. We still will have people that have to pick up the dirty laundry on the floors, take it down, put it on the trucks, take the clean laundry off the trucks and distribute it to the nursing floors.”Paul Bolin, Human Resources Director, says, “It’s always a difficult situation when this happens but we do the best we can to make sure that we meet the needs of the employees and the organization combined. historically we’ve had very good luck in finding suitable work for people who are displaced through operational changes.”The new laundry company, which hasn’t been chosen yet, is expected to take over the beginning of October. Right now EMMC does laundry for the Acadia Hospital and other smaller practices affiliated with Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems. Officials say they plan to expand laundry service to include hospitals in Pittsfield and Waterville.