Maine Veterans Remember the Fall of Saigon 

Saying “Thank you” to a veteran may seem like a small task, but one vietnam vet says it can mean the world.Capt. Paul Jacobs is retired from the United States Navy, but he can remember the Fall of Saigon as if it was yesterday. On Wednesday, Jacob’s introduced the film “The Lucky Few” in Hampden.The rescue story of more than 30,000 Vietnamese refugees.The captain, who was on the USS Kirk at the time, said Mainers played a large role in the mission. United States Navy Veteran Capt. Paul Jacobs said, “The USS Kirk was one of 50 ships. I also think it’s amazing that out of those 50 ships 2 of those ships were commanded by Maine maritime graduates all out of the class of 58 which is sort of remarkable in itself.”More celebration and screenings will be taking place around the state and even country.It’s part of an effort to show gratitude to those who served in the Vietnam War.For more information, visit