Community Bus Forum 

Folks in Bangor got to voice their opinions about the city bus system Thursday.The people wishing to give input on the Community Connector and Pickering Square bus stop filled a room at Bangor City Hall.The top issue discussed was whether or not to keep Pickering Square as the central bus station for Bangor.One community member says the bus stop should stay in its current location, “it’s also within a short walking distance of the University of Maine Museum of Art, the Peace & Justice Center on Harlow St, City Hall, and a lot of stores and restaurants, everybody knows that. There are lots of those things downtown, I think a new transfer site might be very inconvenient for me.” Another resident says the Pickering Square stop could be moved because of the large amounts of exhaust put off by the buses. “Our town has expanded, so there is no need for the hub to be right in the center, when it doesn’t deem it environmentally smart for sure.” The forum is part of a case study being conducted by the city to improve the transit system and the overall atmosphere in downtown Bangor at Pickering Square.