A Bradford Man Convicted of Manslaughter was Denied a New Trial 

A Bradford man convicted of manslaughter in April was denied a re-trial today in a Bangor courtroom.The judge heard testimony from a juror and her husband.The defense argued that juror’s opinion of Peter Robinson was influenced by conversations she had with her husband during the trial.The judge ruled there was no evidence to support that.Peter Robinson killed David Trask of Hudson in November of 2011.”He seems to be doing reasonably well we obviously want to move to the next phase and that next phase is the sentencing phase get that behind him so that he can move on and do his time and get out of jail shortly and be on his way,” said Thomas Hallett, Defense Attorney.Assistant attorney general Benson did not want to comment.The judge did not set a date for Robinson’s sentencing.The defense says they expect it to be next month.