WWII Honor Roll Recreated And Rededicated In Searsport 

A local historian has been working for the last year to get her town’s World War II Honor Roll reproduced and rededicated.The original stood next to a church on main street from the 1940’s through the 70’s.It was found in the basement of the historical society.The original plague is made of wood and painted white.The three columns of names were of the 174 men and women who served in world war two from Searsport.The idea to find it started when the town’s historian, Charlene Knox Farris, was approached last year during their Fourth of July celebration to find out what happened to the old honor roll.”He said his uncle’s name used to be on a wooden monument that used to sit here, and what happened to it, and I didn’t know what happened to it, but I like things like that, to he that’s a great challenge, so, I decided I’d find out what happened to it and I’ve spent the last year, pretty much, doing that,” said Knox Farris.After finding all of the correct names, and raising $3,000, the new honor plaque was recreated in bronze.It will be unveiled on July 3rd at the historical society’s Salute to Veteran’s variety show.The event starts at 7pm, Wednesday night, July 3rd at Union Hall in Searsport.Some of the local veterans whose names are on the plaque will be honored.Everyone is invited.