“Rags to Riches” Kitten Story Hopes To Inspire Others 

She has her own Facebook page, Twitter account, people even have her face on their cars, even on their Vespas.”Oh it’s so exciting because all of a sudden someone from England liked us and then she went completely viral,” said Robin Fisher, a volunteer for Forgotten Felines of Maine, a nonprofit that rescues stray and abused cats and kittens.But things weren’t always this flashy for “Freida the Throw Away Cat.” “Freida was found in a ditch on April 10th in Hudson, Maine. She was matted beyond recognition of even looking like a cat,” said Executive Director of Forgotten Felines of Maine, Pamela Hansberry. The organization took her in, and the rest is history…Her story took on a life of its own online. “She lived because she’s a tortie (a type of cat). She has ‘tortie-tude.’ She speaks her mind. We’ve been criticized for dressing her up at first she did have no hair so it kept her warm. Trust me, if Frieda didn’t want to wear something she’d take it off,” said Hansberry. While she is not up for adoption, Forgotten Feline’s of Maine hopes Freida’s popularity makes people want to help other furry friends. “She’s our spokesperson. Our newly found spokesperson,” said Fisher. “Throwaway is just a statement from where she came from. It is reality for her. She was thrown away in a ditch to die. Now she’s living the life of luxury. It’s like a rags to riches story, however there is so many more that have been thrown away and she represents one of how many that are just thrown away and just abandoned,” said Hansberry. This weekend their organization will hold a yard sale to raise money for their kitty cause. “There are so many cats that are abused and abandoned just neglected and we want to help every cat that we can that crosses our path. Nobody wants the normal ones when her picture first got posted, everybody wanted her but we have so many other cats that are just normal cats. They just want a home. They just want to find love,” said Fisher. The yard sale is from 7am-3pm this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 315 Valley Avenue in Bangor.