Man Found Dead in Taxicab Outside of a Presque Isle Motel 

A man was found dead in a taxicab parked outside a Presque Isle motel.“When we arrived here we found a taxi cab that had been parked in the driveway here but close to U.S. 1 that had a man in it. Later identified as Herald St. Pierre,” said Matt Irwin, Presque Isle Chief of Police. 44-year-old Herald St. Pierre of Van Buren was dead in the back seat of a taxi. Right outside of the Northern Lights Motel in Presque Isle. “Through the phone call conversation it was clear that there was some kind of disturbance going on before that, he had started acting strangely according to the cab driver. The ambulance service arrived and pronounced him dead,” said Matt Irwin, Presque Isle Chief of Police. There’s no word as to what caused Herald St. Pierre’s death, but police do say that drug paraphernalia was found in his motel room. Police executed a search warrant to secure any additional evidence from St. Pierre’s motel room. “Some of the people that were in his circles are known to use bath salts or to be involved in the sale or use of bath salts. It appears that there was drug involvement, we’re waiting on some confirmations for that from the M A’s office,” said Matt Irwin, Presque Isle Chief of Police.The case is under investigation and further testing is needed to determine what if anything was in St. Pierre’s system. “From our standpoint it’s another case of, we have bath salts or meth and these kinds of drug problems lead to terrible ends,” said Matt Irwin, Presque Isle Chief of Police. And if those results do confirm what Irwin suspects, he says it will be just another example of the dangers that come when drugs are involved.