Lightning can be Deadly 

Along with summer thunderstorms comes lightning, and it can be deadly.The most common myth about lightning is that it never strikes the same place twice. Well, it does. And it happens often. Especially to tall, pointed, objects, like steeples.Captain Chris Dore with the Brewer Fire Department says, “best place to be is in a building or in a vehicle.”If you’re caught outside during a storm and can’t find shelter, under a tree is not the best place to be.Being under a tree is the second leading cause of people being struck by lightning, according to the National Weather Service. Another myth is that the rubber tires of a car against the road will protect you.But during a storm, being near a vehicle isn’t enough, it’s the metal door and roof of the vehicle that will keep you safe from lightning.If you’re near water, just because it’s not raining yet, doesn’t mean you’re safe.”Swimming, kayaking, in a boat fishing, get out of the water as quickly as you can as soon as you hear thunder. If you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning,” Captain Dore says.If you’re inside during a storm, stay away from things that conduct electricity like AC units and fans, and especially corded phones. However, it is safe to use a cell phone as long as it’s not plugged in.Most of these tips seem like common sense, but having headphones on that are plugged into an ipod could send an electrical current directly into your ears.What if someone near you has been struck? Will you get electrocuted if you touch them?”Well they’re not electrically charged. They’re hit by lighting, they’re going to have potentially some burn injuries, but the electrical charge is gone. It’s perfectly safe to touch them,” Captain Dore said. And of course, call 911 immediately.