Four Indicted for Tying Up, Stabbing and Trying to Set Man on Fire in Bradford 

The Penobscot County grand jury indicted four people Wednesday, accused of tying up a man, stabbing him and trying to set him on fire. 37-year-old Tellis Baker of Bangor, 24-year-old Glenn Curtis of Hudson, 29-year-old Nicole Giles of Bangor and 28-year-old Ryan Thibodeau of Glenburn are all charged with aggravated assault. District Attorney Chris Almy says in March they lured the victim to Bradford, under the guise that they needed him to fix Thibodeau’s uncle’s car. Almy says instead, they tied up the victim and attacked him. We’re told it was retribution for the victim allegedly sexually assaulting Nicole Giles but the D.A.’s office didn’t find evidence to support that claim. The three men remain in jail. Giles is out on bail.